Lebenswert Stage 1

Lebenswert Stage 1 formula brings you the purest, most nutritious infant formula for new born babies and up. It is natural and closed to mother’s milk which is really beneficial for the child. Subscribe and save 10%. Order now and enjoy free shipping!




Lebenswert Stage 2

Lebenswert stage 2 is the purest and most nutritious infant formula – made and owned by Holle. Easy to digest, gluten free and contains all essential vitamins and minerals. We offer 100% organic and high quality products for babies. Subscribe and get 10% off on all products. Buy in bulk and save more!

Hipp Organic Good Night Milk – My Organic Club

When the babies are not being breastfed then the HIPP Organic Good Night Milk is the best option after 6 months onward. HIPP Organic Good Night Milk is just the finest natural drain and gives the supplements babies need to become solid and sound. It is drain and gluten free natural oats – rice and buckwheat. Subscribe and save 15%. Continue reading “Hipp Organic Good Night Milk – My Organic Club”

Make your Babies Strong with Holle Goat Milk Formula

Babies are the gift of God. So take care of the babies in a proper manner is a very first responsibility of every parent. When babies come at home, the entire home is fulfilled with great joys and happiness. But the concern of their health is always being in the mind of their parents. They always think about the best and nutritive diet for their babies. My Organic Company is providing all the products which are beneficial for your babies from birth to childhood. My Organic Company is providing all the products in the affordable prices and offers the membership to all parents because they know very well all the parents are not same in their needs as well as the financial capabilities. My Organic Company offers best Holle goat milk formula for the infants and babies to give a best nutritive diet. This goat milk helps the babies to grow up and boosts the energy of the babies.


The Holle goat milk formula contains all the nutrients, including vitamins and minerals required by a newborn child from birth. You can always switch from other dairy foods easily to the Holle organic infant goat milk formula. For healthy newborn children, following a half year, the goat milk formula is a perfect sustenance. After 6 months, My Organic Company recommends Holle organic baby goat milk formula in combination with the Holle porridges. This milk is suitable if replacing or in addition to breastfeeding. It can prepare Just in a minute by adding boiled water and shake well.

So for the nutritive diet for your babies and wants to replace breast milk just go with Holle organic goat milk formula offer by the My Organic Company. It contains all the important proteins and mineral that boosts up the better growth of your babies.